Monday, April 9, 2012

GunShip 2 3D Armv6 Android Phones

GunShip 2 3D Armv6 Android Phones

This game is optimized from armv7 to armv6 , i wanna write some lines for them who do not know about this armv7 to armv6,Game Developers who Use UNITY GAME ENGINE to develop games,Only Those UNITY Games can be converted to armv6, Gameloft Developers never use UNITY so their Games can not be converted to armv6,Even minecraft Dev did not use unity Engine,so guys now stop requesting for those games that's are non convertible...

Good News for flying simulation lovers,New Game Gunship2 is now optimized for armv6 android phones,Game is quite interesting ,i have played this game for 5 minutes and i was just flying my heli here to there,i did not get any enemy yet to kill,maybe will have to face enemies in next stages......
Camera option is too good in this game,you will feel like you are in the real heli and you are the one who is flying the whole heli, Graphics are nice but not so good, controllers of the game is so cool you will like it.

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